Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion

"An Alien Spacecraft has entered the Cosmic Prisons Warzone! Stacked with angry alien thugs and juicy valuables from across the universe its your mission to take them out and keep the prisons world safe once again!"


The Alien Invasion is a global event that spawns randomly in the overworld every 6 hours. A spaceship will appear carrying waves of Aliens to defeat in order to get your hands on their juicy valua of 5 waves of Grunts and Elite Aliens will rain down from the spaceship and it's your mission to take them all out in order to bring their spaceship crashing to the ground and their loot to the floor!


The Alien Invasion can spawn in any zone in the overworld, but will not spawn near guards, mines or safe regions. The coordinates and zone of the event will be displayed in chat upon the ships arrival. Defeat all alien waves in order to loot the GODLY treasures! Be warned! These aliens are not to be taken lightly! Get your gang & truces prepped and ready when taking on these aliens!