Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion

Alien Invasions are an in-game events that appears every 6 hours. When an alien invasion is preparing to begin, you will be given chat notifications starting 15 minutes before the event. These chat notifications will notify you of the coordinates of the Alien Invasion, what tier zone it will be spawning in, and how long before the event will begin. The Alien Invasion can spawn in any zone in the overworld, but will not spawn near Guards, Mines or Safe Regions.


When an alien invasion begins, there will be 5 waves of Grunts and Elite Aliens raining down from the spaceship, with the Elite Aliens usually spawning after wave 3+ and each wave getting harder than the last.
You must defeat all Alien waves in order to loot the GODLY treasures! Be warned! These aliens are not to be taken lightly! Get your gang & truces prepped and ready when taking on these aliens!


Heroic Alien Invasion

Players from all over the cosmoverse have been successfully defending their home planets from Alien Invasions. After all their valiant efforts, the Alien Overlord has become angered and decided to come and finish the job himself!

Hold on to your hats cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride! This event features an amped up loot table, NEW boss, and powerful alien defenders so you best be prepared!

The Basics:

New Heroic Alien Boss
Heroic Alien Invasion happens once every day replacing one of the normal Alien Invasion Times
8 Waves instead of 5
Amped up Loot Table featuring:
Special Set pieces from the Warlord, Guardian and Ghost sets
Executive Enchants
Cosmic Energy
Pickaxe Prestige Tokens

and much more!

Heroic Alien Boss

This overlord packs a punch with 1000 HP, increased outgoing damage, a knock back explosive wave and an army of creepers that you best slay before their healing explosions revert all your hard work! This boss ain't for the faint of heart! HeroicAlien.gif