Auction House

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Auction House

The Auction house (access with ./ah, or the Black Market NPC) is an area where you can sell or purchase some of the rarest items found in the prison.

Auction House: Buying and Selling

When using the Auction House to simply list an item for sale or to purchase an item without bidding players can do so from other players by accessing /ah

  • To access the Auction House simply type /ah
  • To list an item for sale, hold the item in your hand and type /ah sell <amount> <price/item> and the item will automatically be listed in the GUI.
    Alternatively, you can run /ah sell while holding the items you would like to sell for a helpful guide which will help you sell your items.
  • To purchase an item simply click the item in the /ah GUI and confirm your purchase!
  • To see which items you still have in the Auction House or to cancel an auction type /ah and click the Book & Quill at the top of the GUI
  • If your item doesn't sell it will be placed in your /ah Collection Bin
    • To obtain items from expired or canceled auctions click the enderchest and click the items waiting for you there.
    • Items in the /ah Collection Bin will be available for 24hrs before being deleted
  • Number of listings that you can personally post is dependent on your current rank:
    • Trainee: 1
    • 1st Tier: 2
    • 2nd Tier: 3
    • 3rd Tier: 4
    • 4th Tier: 5
    • 5th Tier: 6
    • 6th Tier (ie 5th tier+): 8