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Bandits are roaming NPCs that spawn in the overworld and vary based on what zone they spawn in. For example: a bandit that spawns in the chain zone will be a Chain Bandit. Do not worry miners! These bandits are not fans of the mines and will not wander near them!​

Depending on what type of bandit it is the health and damage will vary based on their tier. For example a diamond bandit will have more health and do more damage than a chain bandit. With higher tier bandits being harder to kill, they will also drop scaled rewards based on their tier (Diamond being the highest)​.

On average 3 - 5 bandits will spawn in the overworld every few minutes! You will find yourself interacting with them on a daily basis! Bandits will automatically agro on you if your mining level is within the same tier that they are but do not worry as these guys do not pack a punch when on their own but killing them will reward you a nice amount of cash and energy as well as a chance to grab yourselves some Mystery Enchant books and pages! If your mining level is above or below the tier of that bandit then they will only agro on you if you attack them!​

Bandit Bosses


Bandit Bosses have the chance to spawn upon defeating a bandit. They are the ringleader of the bandit operation and aren't happy with you taking out their henchmen!

Bandit Bosses have increased damage buffs from regular Bandits but also drop the craziest loot ever seen on prisons!

Bandit Bosses will always drop money and energy but also have a chance to drop the following:

  • Shards
  • Contrabands
  • Gkit Flares
  • Shard Satchels
  • Mystery Cosmic Crates
  • Heroic Cosmic Crates
  • Heroic Rank Crystal