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Bans on Cosmic Prisons are not abnormal, and occur every hour on the server.

Bans range from Temporary bans to perm bans and are used to punish rule breakers.

Bans are given accordingly based on the situation at hand and the severity of the issue.

Ban Panel

The Ban Panel is a ban database that contains all of a players information regarding mutes, warns, kicks, and bans.

A link to the ban panel can be found here

How to use the Ban Panel

In order to look up a player and their ban information, type their current IGN in the search box.

Below the search bar will be a list of recently banned players

When searching for a player that is currently banned, a ban message as well an eligibility message will show up below the player's name head.
Ban messages can include but are not limited to:
  • Blacklisted Mod/Client (and variations)
  • DDoS Threats (and variations)
  • Dox Threats (and variations)
  • Exploitation (and variations)
  • DDoS (and variations)
  • Dox (and variations)
If a ban has personal or sensitive information inside of the evidence, some bans will state Evidence Withheld in place of a youtube or screenshot link.

If your eligibility message reads Eligible for paid unban, you may purchase an unban on the store.

If your eligibility message reads Not eligible for unban, you may have been banned for a reason such as:

  • DDoS
  • Dox
  • Releasing personal information

or many more.

Another way you might not be able to purchase an unban is because you have already purchased an unban within that year. Unbans are only able to be purchased once every year (365 days, not yearly).

IP bans are bans of your IP from connecting to the server, and you are NOT permitted to play on other accounts.
Nounban bans are bans that prevent you from purchasing an unban via the server store. These bans must be appealed on the forums only and are not voidable with a paid unban.
Blacklist bans will prohibit players from playing on the server again. These CAN NOT be appealed.

Ban Duration

Ban duration's pertaining to specific broken rules can be found in the rules, with detailed information regarding offenses, ban time, and what's allowed and not allowed on the server.


If you are banned for chargeback, you will not be unbanned until the funds that were chargebacked are repaid. Your account is your responsibility, and anything bought on your account you must take ownership of, no matter the buyer. You may deny future purchases in the claim menu to ensure being chargebacked on does not happen.

In order to be unbanned for chargeback purposes, you must email support at