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Carnage means that chaos has arrived on your planet, this is a sign that your planets reset has arrived and will be posted about on the server announcements found here. Carnage is the last final days of your current map on your planet. You usually have 3- 4 days of carnage each day with increased buffs.

What happens during carnage?

Admin Events

These events created by the admins just for you will happen during this period that can give some enticing rewards. Such events can range from cat n mouse, parkour, mazes, competitions, free spawned in meteors and who knows what else the admins may surprise you with!

Reset Kits

This command is added as soon as carnage starts. You can use access this by running the command /resetkit, these are free sets of gear available to everyone on a 5-minute cooldown (These kits are tiered to your level unless changed by an admin). These OP reset kits get better day by day as they get upgraded to become more powerful.

Video Montages Competition

During carnage you can record and upload a compilation of your favorite memories while playing the map. You can then submit your video where required on the forums. The submission post will be opened and pinned under the general section on the forums. The video can only be 10 minutes or less and must abide by the server rules. Once the submission time has ended(start of carnage until the end of carnage) a new post will be made and pinned under general where you will have 72 hours to vote for your favorite contender. The winner will earn them self a title of their choosing to have permanently on your planet but do keep in mind that the title must follow the rules.

/gtop, /ltop- These leaderboards will be saved normally the day before carnage, so be warned if you are hiding your XP or balance you better have it already applied. Anything after the leaderboards are recorded will not be added or taken into account.

What will I keep and lose after carnage/reset?

What will be kept;

  • Ranks (yes this includes ones won from cc’s or bought from other players in game)
  • Titles
  • /gkits
  • /qkits
  • /homes, your showcase and /pv expansions

Please Note: This is only applicable to ones applied to your player, and kept in your /pv or cell will be lost.

What will be lost;

  • Cash Balance
  • Cells
  • Inventory and Private Vaults
  • /qkit levels earned