Cell Permissions

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Cell Permissions

Cell Perms

A long-awaited suggestion from the community is finally here! You will now be able to pick and choose exactly what access you want to give specific players and even gangs. Starting after today's reboots cell owners will be able to grant the following permissions to players within their cell:​

Admin: Grants the player all permissions to the cell
Mine: Grants the ability to mine ore from crude ore but NOT the ability to break blocks
Place: Grants the ability to place blocks within your cell
Chests: Grants the ability to access chests within your cell
Doors: Grants the ability to open and close doors within your cell
Guards: Grants the ability to pick up and place guards within your cell
Break: Grants the ability to break blocks within your cell
(Note the Break permission is the highest permission below admin, if you grant someone this permission they can break chests, doors ect regardless of what other perms you grant them!)​
Note: Low-end permissions for example granting a player to be able to mine in your cell does not remove the player's ability to start a raid on your cell! If a player has access to mine crude ore and they attempt to mine a block in your cell this will still initiate a raid!​
To grant a player access to a specific permission in your cell simply run the following command:
/cell perm add ROLE IGN

Player Specific Permissions: =

/cell perms add ROLE IGN
/cell perms remove ROLE IGN
/cell perms clear IGN
/cell perms list
/cell perms help

Gang Specific Permissions:

/cell gang perms add ROLE GANG
/cell gang perms remove ROLE GANG
/cell gang perms clear GANG
/cell gang perms list GANG
/cell gang perms list
/cell gang perms help