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Cells are a place where you can store your armor, weapons, gens, and much more. Everything is up to on how you design your cell. With all this loot and amazing gear you will need to protect your gear. The information below will help you gear up and protect your cell against pesky raiders!


Cell Guard Attributes

Cell Guards, operating similar to enchanting gear, will now have the ability to be upgraded using energy and the Cosmic Worm Hole offering the ability to increase one of its 5 attributes. Just like when enchanting armor players must apply energy to the guard by dragging and dropping the energy onto to the guard in the player inventory. Attributes are limited by the cell block the guard is placed in.



Each guard will now have a Range or area in which the guard itself will activate. This means that if an intruder is breaking blocks or doors outside of a guards range the guard will not “hear” them.​

The range is dependent on the Security Level of the cell it is placed in and gradually increases the higher the level the Range Attribute is on the guard.

See leaks on the exact guard rangers here!


Similar to Range the attribute health not only increases by level but is also dependent on the tier of cell it is placed in.

See leaks on the exact guard health here!


Presented as an absolute attribute, Speed, when the level is the same regardless of which tier of cell you place the guard in. What that means is a Guard in a Maximum Security Cell with a Level 4 Speed Attribute will move at the same speed as a Guard in a Minimum Security Cell with a Level 4 Speed Attribute.​

Each level of Speed will increase slightly the rate at which the Cell Guard moves with milestone levels that are easy to observe.

See leaks on the exact guard speed here!


Cell Guards regenerate once they return to their guard post and have waited a short time to cool down. The rate at which a guard regenerates, once the Attribute is activated, speeds up with each level and because the regeneration rate is based on the percentage the overall health regenerated is increased depending on the HP and Tier of Cell the Cell Guard is placed in.​

This means that the higher the Regeneration Attribute Level the faster the guard will regenerate overall.

See leaks on the exact guard regeneration here!


Cell Guards’ strength increases with each level of the Strength Attribute. The amount of damage inflicted is increased gradually. The majority of the damage inflicted by the guard has sustained the player it is targeting, however, those within the guard’s natural hit radius will also receive 75% of the damage inflicted on the targeted player.​

What this means is that players will find that at a max level guard will typically require a rotation of raiding players and will be unable to “tank” extended hits.​


Cell Guards without the overlap attribute will not be able to be placed inside the range of another Cell Guard. Per each level increase of the overlap attribute this allows for that amount of guards to be overlapping in the original guards range.

For example:; at level 1 this allows for 1 guard in range of another guard, level 2 allows for 2 guards and level 3 allows for 3 guards to be in range of the guard with the attribute.

Cell Guard Defenses and Gear

Cell Guards will no longer require Armor or Weapons, but will instead operate based on the Security Level of the Cell and Attribute Level of the Enhancements you choose to apply to your guard.

Leveling Up your Cell Guard

It’s as simple to level up your guard as it is your gear! Simply take your Cell Guard down to the Cosmic Worm Hole, toss him in, and select the Attribute you’d like to apply!

IMPORTANT: Guards can only be leveled up 40 times. With 5 Attributes this means you’ll have to carefully select which attributes are of highest value to you and the protection of your cell!​

Cell Warps

Large Cells require large spaces! Indeed having such large cells we had to make sure that you had an efficient means to access your tier and cell locations. Cells will be accessible through a variety of means: Cell Warp at /spawn Executing /cells and clicking on your cell Executing /home after a home has been set near your cell​

New Level Requirements, Door Limitations & Guard Limitations

Regardless of the new Level Requirements, all players who currently hold a cell deed will continue to be able to access their cell. That said, new cell deed purchases will have the level requirements adjusted as follows:

Level requirement to buy cells:

  • Low Security (Tier 4): Level 35 or prestige I or higher
  • Medium Security (Tier 3): Level 100 or prestige I or higher
  • High Security (Tier 2): Level 101 or prestige II or higher
  • Maximum Security (Tier 1): Level 102 or prestige III or higher
  • VIP: Level 103

Door Quantity Limitations:

  • Low Security (Tier 4): 10 doors
  • Medium Security (Tier 3): 13 doors
  • High Security (Tier 2): 16 doors
  • Maximum Security (Tier 1): 19 doors
  • VIP: 22 doors​

Guard Limit

  • Low Security (Tier 4) - 7 Guards
  • Medium Security (Tier 3) - 14 Guards
  • High Security (Tier 2) - 21 Guards
  • Maximum Security (Tier 1) - 28 Guards
  • VIP - 35 Guards​