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Command List

Listed Below are some of the most important commands found on Cosmic Prisons.

For important Gang related commands and info, refer to the Gangs section of the Wiki.

DISCLAIMER: All ranks under the table below with a + symbol next to it means said rank and up have access to this command. For example: Rank 1+ means Rank 1 and up can use this command.

Command Description Rank
/msg [player] Private Messages a player All Ranks
/ignore [player] Block messages from a player All Ranks
/r Replies to most recent message All Ranks
/dnd Blocks all messages from players All Ranks
/bal Check your balance All Ranks
/withdraw (amount) Withdraws a money note All Ranks
/deposit Places bank-note back into balance All Ranks
/sethome [name] Set a home Rank 1+
/home Check your home(s) Rank 1+
/home [name] Tp's player to a home Rank 1+
/delhome [name] Delete a home Rank 1+
/pv [number] Accesses players Private Vault Rank 1+
/feed Fills players hunger Rank 1+ (More saturation is given, the higher the rank)
/rankkit Set of gear depending on your current mining tier Rank 1+ (The higher the rank, the higher the level of gear and ammount of enchants)
/pulse Sees how far away meteorites are Rank 1+
/senditem Shows an item in a private message Rank 1+
/ah Brings up the auction house Gui All Ranks
/fix Repairs a piece of gears durability Rank 2+
/sellhand Sells ore in hand Rank 2+
/sellall Sells all ores in inventory Rank 2+
/clearinventory Clears all items in inventory Rank 2+
/nick Gives you a custom name in chat Rank 3+
/jet Gives ability to have a temporary flight with a 30s Cooldown Rank 5
/meteortimer Gives a timer until the next meteor shower Rank 5
/trade [Players IGN] Gives a player a trade request, if accepted opens a trade Gui where players can trade their items All ranks
/quests Shows the quest Gui All Ranks
/qkit Shows the available Quest Kits All Ranks
/gkit Shows the available Gkits All Ranks
/cells Opens the Cell Gui All Ranks
/spawn Teleports you to spawn All Ranks
/showcase Opens a Gui where you can display your items All Ranks
/raid Initiates a raid when next to a cell All Ranks
/cc Opens a Gui of all CCs on Prisons All Ranks
/titles Opens a Gui of all the titles you own All Ranks
/near Will show information on players that are 128 blocks near you or closer. Rank 4+
/tpa Sends request to player to teleport to them Rank 4+
/tpahere Sends request to player to teleport them to you. Rank 5+
/ts Gives you the link to join our Official Cosmic Prisons Teamspeak All Ranks
/help Prompts you with a list of topics you may need information on, click one to learn more about it. All Ranks

Gang Commands

Command Description
/gang create Creates a gang
/gang title Sets your gang title
/gang invite Invites a player to your gang
/gang owner Give ownership of the gang to another player
/gang enemy Makes another gang your enemy
/gang truce Make a truce with another gang
/gang neutral Sets your gang to be neutral to another gang
/gang chat <truce> Chat with gang members or truces
/gang info Shows information about your gang or another
/gang desc Sets your gang description
/gang kick Kicks a member from your gang
/gang leave Leaves your Gang
/gang join Joins a Gang
/gang who Lookup a gang by player name
/gang mod Gives gang mod to a member
/gang tag Sets a gang members tag
/tl Sends your coordinates and world to your truce chat.

Server Help Commands

  • Listed below are some useful commands to help players get acquainted with the server, find staffers, and use the proper Buycraft.
Command Description
/register Registers your account to the forums
/forums Gives a link to the Comic Prisons Forums
/starter or /help Gives a link to a helpful starter guide on the forums
/buy Gives a link to the Comic Prisons Buycraft
/staff List of all current staff members online, with the corresponding planet