Cosmic Crates

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CosmicCrates (also known as CCs) are special boxes of different items that get changed each month! Every month these special packages are released to the public and are only available for purchase on the Cosmic Prisons store. When you buy them from the store it will first come up in your claim box. Once you claim it from your claim box you do /cc and click on the slot with a block in it, and not a glass pane. Once you click on it you will get it in your inventory. When you hover over the item you will see what you will get from it. There are 4 categories: Admin Items, Cosmetics, Treasure Items, and Bonus Items. Admin Items are purely cosmetic. They are fun items that the admins make up and are collectibles. Cosmetics are usually things like a title or item name tags. They are items that can be used but don’t give an advantage in the game. Treasure Items are the goodies. These can range from anything from gkit flares to godly contrabands. And finally, the bonus items list usually has 2-4 items listed but you only get one. The items listed are the most OP in the whole CC. The item you get from this usually defines how good the CC was. The item you can get from this ranges from a rank to a large amount of energy. You will want to place the block you get on the ground. Place it in an open area because when you place it this will happen. [Insert gif of CC opening] Once you place it down you will receive the items that were specified on the block when you hovered over it. The items will be shot out of the big ender chest and the bonus item will be shot out above it. Once the CC is done opening all of the items that appeared around the big ender chest will be put in your inventory for your use!