Cosmic Energy

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Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy is a massive aspect of the server. To gain energy on the server you first off have to mine of course. Energy enables you to advance your gear far beyond the ability that plain gear has. Cosmic Energy allows you to be able to enchant, Tools/Gear/Weapons, by applying the full amount of energy required to put on the item. Once the item is full of energy this will allow you to put the said item in the Enchant pool, located in the spawn of your designated planet. Once thrown in, the Enchanting pool will take your energy off your item and will give you a selection of enchants to choose from. Once you select the enchant, you will then receive your item back, but you will notice your item is one level higher than before and requires more energy to level the item again. This will allow you to propel your gaming experience by showing you a world of amazing enchant and much, much more.