Cosmic Energy

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Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy is a massive aspect of the server. Cosmic Energy enables you to upgrade and enhance various aspects of your gameplay.
Pickaxes, Cell Guards, Satchels
Pickaxes, Cell Guards, and Satchels can all be upgrades and enchanted with Cosmic Energy simply by applying the necessary amount of Cosmic Energy and then tossing the item into the wormhole located in the middle of the spawn.
Energy Enchantments
Energy Enchantments require Energy to be able to proc, You can supply these enchantments with Energy by applying it to its respective piece of gear that the enchantment is applied to. The energy will automatically be reduced as the enchantment procs.
Enchantment Books
You apply energy to an enchantment book and then drag and drop the enchantment book onto a piece of Armor or a weapon to roll the chances to see if it applies, or you can throw the enchantment into the wormhole at spawn with full energy to have a chance at upgrading the enchantment book.
All trinkets require a certain amount of energy each time they proc, You can apply this energy by simple dragging and dropping raw energy onto the trinket and it will automatically reduce the amount of energy as you use the trinket.

Ways of Obtaining Energy

As you mine you will gradually gain Cosmic Energy on your pickaxe. The amount of energy will vary based on what ore you are mining. Meteorites give much more energy than ores do, the same goes for Meteors. You can also increase the amount of energy you get with the use of Boosters and Charge Orbs.
In-Game Events
Many in-game events such as Roaming Merchants, Alien Invasion, Bandits and Koth can give energy from their respective loot tables. While they may require time and effort to complete, the energy you can gain from these events can be worth your while.
Gkits can be tinkered for energy, and many of the gkits give energy out as a guaranteed item.
Energy Forges
Once fueled with forge fuel, Energy forges placed inside of a cell will begin to generate energy for you.