Criminal Record

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Criminal Record

Your criminal record is shown on the right-hand side of your seen beside your player name and balance.

In case you didn't know already there are four types of protectors while you are in prison; Guard, Enforcer, Hitman, and Warden. These protectors are here to try and keep you safe but that does not mean they will always succeed. Players may, in fact, kill you in front of your protectors and get away with it by dropping items to another player or in fact attempt to kill your protectors and try to escape.

To gain a criminal record you must hit someone near one of the protectors. If in direct view you will gain instant villain. You can try to hit a guard from behindfcfuxtfxftxu, but be warned, they can hear you, the closer you are to a guard when you hit another player the faster your record will go up.

Your criminal record is an instant application, so this means that you must be careful how you fight other players around guards.

Four stages of Criminal Record


Neutral means you are safe and have no criminal record.


Means that you have been warned by the guards, this is a sign that you are too close to one of the guards of the prison and may risk jumping up in your criminal record. This type of criminal record can decay and you can once again become neutral.


This means you will be followed by one or multiple of the cosmic prison's guards. This means that wherever you go that a guard can render/follow you, you are being watched and cannot risk anything more as you may become villain. There are ways of losing the guards following you through various ways such as tping to your cell/another are not protected by guards. Another option for top ranks only is through the use of /jet can help despawn the guards. This type of criminal record can also decay back to warned and neutral.


This means that all guards of the prison are set to kill. If you are seen you in render they will come and kill you, be warned as you cannot outrun them, some guards may be faster than others. At higher levels of gear, you can attempt to try and kill the guards chasing you...if you dare. If you get villian and are not strong enough to fight them off, then, unfortunately, you will die. Once you die you will be sent to spawn and your criminal record will change to Followed by a guard. Once Villain, you can not decay. The only way to clear your record is to die to the guards or another player which will set you back to followed which decays. So once villain I highly suggest giving your items to a friend or gang member to keep safe so you can lose your record.