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Enchanting is the main way of upgrading all of your items on Cosmic Prisons. Enchanting is made possible through the use of Cosmic Energy. A list of all enchantments on Cosmic Prisons can be found here. Many different items can be enchanted, such as Pickaxes, Cell Guards, Satchels, and Armor. There are two main ways of enchanting, the Cosmic Wormhole and the Enchanter NPC which are both found inside of spawn.

Cosmic Wormhole

The Cosmic Wormhole can be found in the middle of spawn, and is used to enchant Pickaxes, Cell guards, and Satchels. You can enchant through the wormhole simply by getting the item to 100% Cosmic Energy and then throwing the item into the wormhole. When you toss your item into the wormhole, a selection of enchantments will appear above and around the outside of the Cosmic Wormhole. To select one of these enchants, simply punch towards the enchant you would like. Keep in mind, if your enchant fails you will not loose your pickaxe, you will just gain an extra level on your pickaxe and not get a enchant for that level. If you disconnect while you have an item in the wormhole, an enchant will randomly be selected out of the available enchants.

  • Pickaxes
Pickaxes can gain energy through mining, and can subsequently be enchanted with that energy. Once a pickaxe has reached a certain level you can prestige the pickaxe. More information on pickaxe prestiging can be found here.
  • Satchels
Although Satchels have custom enchants of their own, the satchel needs to be level 50+ in order to be able to apply these custom enchants. More information on Satchels can be found here.
  • Cell Guards
Cell guards have 6 main attributes, Damage, Speed, Regen, Health, Overlap and Range. All of these attributes go up to level 10, except for Overlap which goes up to level 2 and the cell guard must be level 30+ before appearing in the wormhole. The maximum level for a Cell Guard is level 40, meaning you will have to ration out which custom enchants you would like on your guard. More information on Cell Guards can be found here.

Enchantment Orbs


Enchantment orbs can give you Pickaxe or Satchel enchants. There is no energy requirements to unveil these Enchantment Orbs, and they can be tinkered for Mystery Dust of that same tier of enchant, which has a chance to give you Mystery Dust. When it comes to applying a Enchantment Orb to your pickaxe, the Enchantment Orb must meet the previous requirements to be able to apply it (i.e You cannot apply a Efficiency 3 unless your pickaxe has Efficiency 2 already and so on)). To atcually apply a Enchantment Orb to a Pickaxe or Satchel, You must get your Pickaxe or Satchel to be full of energy, throw it in the wormhole as usual, and instead of selecting a floating enchantment as usual, you will be throwing your desired Enchantment Orb into the wormhole. Both the pickaxe and the enchantment orb will combine with the percentages listed on the Enchantment Orb, and come down as either an applied enchantment or a failed enchantment.

Enchanter NPC

The Enchanter NPC, found in the back of spawn between the Cells area and the Night Club area, is your main way of enchanting Weapons and Armor. In the Enchanter NPC, you can purchase any enchantments for gear / weaponry from Simple to Legendary rarity. Godly and Energy enchantments can only be found through gkits, contrabands, KOTH, Alien Invasions, and sometimes through Lootboxes or CC's. Simple to Legendary enchantment books require energy to purchase from the Enchanter NPC

  • Simple - 25,000 Energy/Book
  • Uncommon - 50,000 Energy/Book
  • Elite - 100,000 Energy/Book
  • Ultimate - 250,000 Energy/Book
  • Legendary - 500,000 Energy/Book

Enchantment Books


When you open a enchantment book, You will usually get a level 1 enchantment which will have a destroy rate and a enchant rate. The amount of energy needed to fill the enchantment book varies with tier and enchantment level. When throwing the enchant into the wormhole, the Destroy rate will be applied to the book and if the destroy rate succeeds then you will loose the enchantment book and get a enchantment page of that tier, more on that below. If the destroy rate fails you will get a leveled up book with 0 energy and the new leveled book will require more energy than previously needed to apply / enchant. When you have an enchant book that you would like to apply to a weapon or piece of armor, you can fill the enchantment book as you would to level it up, but instead of throwing the enchantment book into the wormhole, you will drag and drop the book onto the item in your inventory. When you drag and drop the enchant onto the item in your inventory, The Enchant rate will proc first, if the enchant rate succeeds, your armor / weapon will be enchanted with said enchant. If the enchant rate fails, the destroy rate will then proc on your gear, and if the destroy rate succeeds then your armor will be destroyed unless you have a white scroll on that armor.

Note: White scrolls on Armor / Weapons only protect the item from being destroyed on enchanting, it will not prevent the item from being lost on death.

Enchantment Pages


As mentioned previously, when you fail to level up an enchantment page in the Cosmic Wormhole, you will be given a Enchantment page. These enchantment pages can be applied to their retrospective tier (i.e Simple pages can only be applied to Simple enchantmnt books and so on) To apply the Enchantment Page to the Enchantment Book, all you need to do is drag and drop the page onto the book and the percentages will change as noted on the pages.