Energy Forges

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Energy Forges

Energy Forges are blocks that can be purchased in the generators NPC in /shop, and placed into your cell to start generating Cosmic Energy for you!


Tiers of Forges

There are four different tiers of Energy Forges

Tier Maximum Fuel Efficiency Minimum Cell Security
Medium Security Forge
Medium Security Cell
High Security Forge
High Security Cell
Maximum Security Forge
Maximum Security Cell
VIP Security Forge
VIP Security Cell
Efficiency is the amount of energy generated per hour, per forge fuel

Forge Fuel


Forge Fuel can be obtained through various methods, and is used to power Energy Forges and increases the amount of energy the forge produces, aswell as the amount of space the forge will take up in a cell.

Some of the various ways Forge fuel can be obtained are..

To add forge fuel to a forge inside of a cell, you simply right click the forge with the forge fuel in-hand, or you can shift-right click to add all of the forge fuel you are holding into the forge at once.


Keep in mind - With each piece of Forge Fuel you add, the radius of the Forge increases, and the radius cannot increase if there are blocks in the way of the radius.