Energy Forges

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Energy Forges

Energy Forges are a brand new way for you and your gang to grind energy! Energy Forges are purchasable from /gens. There will be a different tier of forge available for each tier of cell, each tier generating more energy per block of fuel.

When placed in a cell you will be required to fuel the forge with obsidian! You can grind obsidian through different means (Killing bandits/merchants and also a rare drop when mining for level 101+ players) The more fuel you place into the forge the more you will produce raw energy for you and your gang!​

Each time you place an obsidian block into the forge it will take up an extra block in your cell! Your forge will be constantly generating energy for you and your gang for the entire time it is placed in your cell. You will be able to view how much space your forge takes up through right-clicking the forge.​