Executive Mine

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The Executive Mine

The Executive mine is a brand new mine only accessible to Prisoners who are Mining Level 100+. The Executive Mine is home to many new features, such as

Each player has a limited amount of time in the Executive Mine per day (resets at 12PM CST) starting at a base of 10 minutes. You can increase the amount of time you have in the Executive Mine (caps at 30 minutes) by simply reaching the threshold of blocks (you can see your amounts by doing "/exec" in-game. You will start off with 10 minutes to mine 1500 blocks, and by reaching this threshold, when your time resets at 12 PM CST, you will gain two extra minutes in the mine and have 400 blocks added to your threshold. If you fail to reach your block threshold for the day, they will be decreased by the same amount that they would have increased (you cannot drop below 10 minutes / 1500 blocks)

Limit.png LimitReached.png

Prismirine Ore

Only found in the Executive Mine, Prismarine ore is reaps you 5x the XP, Energy, and Money that you would normally get from mining Emeralds. Prismarine ore has a 30 second respawn time and is located in 4 different areas of the Executive Mine.

(picture of a player mining the prismarine ore)

Building Blocks

To gain access to some of the deeper areas of the Executive Mine, you will need some Executive Mine Building Blocks. These building blocks can be found throughout the Mine and take 10 seconds to mine. Once you place your Building Blocks, you will have 2 seconds to use them before they disappear, so make sure you have a plan before you start placing. The Executive Mine Building Blocks cannot be taken out of the Executive Mine, as they will disapear from your inventory as soon as you teleport out.

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