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(What current flares are there available?)
(What current flares are there available?)
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==What current flares are there available?==
==What current flares are there available?==
*Heroic Atheos
*Heroic Enchanter
*Heroic Iapetus  
*Heroic Broteas
*Heroic Slaughter
*Heroic Warlock
*Heroic Vulkarion  
*Heroic Colossus
*Heroic Zenith
*Grim Reaper
*Grim Reaper

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Flares can be acquired in-game from other players or the mystery man. Flares can also be acquired from the server[1] You can get flares on the server store from the flare section or from Cosmic crates(may vary make sure to read what’s in the Cosmic crate before buying).

Flares can only be placed in the war zone and must be far enough from spawn or the edge of the map or it will not let you place it. Be warned while doing flares, you can be attacked by enemies or other players who can kill you and take your flares try to make sure to do your flares in a safe area and try to do it with a friend or your gang. Flares take 15 seconds to fall down once placed, make sure to look around and be safe.

Types of Flares

Natural flares

These flares will spawn naturally in the war zone make sure to look out for them! These gkits when spawned have a low chance of giving you the permanent gkit. If failed it will only give you one piece of that type of gkit.

Fractured Flares

These can be summoned in the warzone apart from near the edge of the map and certain warps such as near /spawn. These flares do not have a chance to give you a permanent gkit and will only give you the random rolled gear of this type of flare/gkit.

Permanent Flares

These can be spawned in the war zone in a place of your choosing but again away from spawn or the edge of the map. These flares have the highest chance of giving you a gkit out of all of the flares but remember you can fail the gkit and will only end up with the gear given by the type of Gkit.

What current flares are there available?

  • Heroic Atheos
  • Heroic Enchanter
  • Heroic Iapetus
  • Heroic Broteas
  • Heroic Slaughter
  • Heroic Warlock
  • Heroic Vulkarion
  • Heroic Colossus
  • Heroic Zenith
  • Ares
  • Grim Reaper
  • Executioner
  • Blacksmith
  • Hero
  • Cyborg

Gkit rolls can be previewed by opening the /gkit menu and right-clicking the gkit