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The fund is active all during the season of a planet but it is only used at the beginning. Each season the whole planet needs to raise and deposit a certain amount of money into the fund or reach the set level to unlock things like Meteors, /Rankkits, Meteorites and /Gkits.

Fund Commands

/Fund: Shows current World Fund status
/Fund <Amount>: Deposits said amount into /Fund

Fund Checkpoints

The Cosmic World Fund has 4 checkpoints

Each can be unlocked by either, reaching the set amount OR by 10 players on the planet reaching the set amount.
Unlock Meteors: $2,500,000 - 0/10 players at level 60
Unlock /Rankkits: $13,000,000 - 0/10 players at level 70
Unlock Meteorites: $20,000,000 - 0/10 players at level 85
Unlock /Gkits: $30,000,000 - 0/10 players at level 90