Gang Upgrades

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Gang Upgrades

/g upgrades is a system that offers a wide variety of perks in the exchange for money and cosmic tokens. /g upgrades will display a variety of buffs that are able to be leveled up to increase their benefit and maximum potential. Upgrades give buffs to all members within the gang and include the following:



Generator Speed
  • Increases the gen speed of generators within cells owned by the gang (max=15%)

Outpost TP Mastery
  • Increases the speed of capturing and neutralizing an outpost (max=50%)

Extra Enchant Orb
  • Offers an extra Enchant option when enchanting (max=1)

Hearty Meal
  • Increases the saturation when eating or /feed (max=100%)

Teleport Mastery
  • Decreases teleportation time (max=75%)

Extra Gang Truces
  • Increases max number of truces (max=3 extra)

Extra Gang Slots
  • Increases max number of gang members (max=5 extra)

Raid Mastery
  • Reduces the time of your raid cooldown

Outpost TP Mastery
  • Reduces the cooldown of your /outpost TP times

Cell Fortification
  • Increases the Durability of your gang's cell doors

Cell Mastery
  • +1 Cell Guard Capacity for gang members cells

All of these stack on top of the outpost perks.