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Gangs take the well know Factions mechanic and give it a prisons twist.

Gang Info

  • A Gang can have up to 16 members.
  • Gang names have a max length of 10 letters
  • Gangs can only have 10 enemies set
  • Gangs may have up to 4 truces
  • Neutral gangs are in white
  • Enemy gangs are Pale Red
  • Truce gangs are Yellow


Below Are some of the Most important Gang related Commands.

Command Description
/gang create Creates a gang
/gang title Sets your gang title
/gang invite Invites a player to your gang
/gang owner Give ownership of the gang to another player
/gang enemy Makes another gang your enemy
/gang truce Make a truce with another gang
/gang neutral Sets your gang to be neutral to another gang
/gang chat <truce> Chat to gang members or truces
/gang info Shows information about your gang, or another
/gang desc Sets your gang description
/gang kick Kicks a member from your gang
/gang leave Leaves your Gang
/gang join Joins a Gang
/gang who Lookup a gang by player name
/gang mod Gives gang mod to a member
/gang tag Sets a gang members tag
/gang focus <IGN> Changes the appearance of specified players name-tag for all gang members to make it easily visible