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KOTH - King of the Hill

KOTH is a team-based test of endurance, organization and ability to PvP as a team, sporting amazing loot and utter chaos! The goal of KOTH is to capture the point outlined in red for an entire 15 minutes without letting enemies knock the capturing player off!

What you need to know about KOTH

All Custom Enchants will work in the KOTH world, however Shockwave and Obliterate are limited to level 1. Meaning a level 4 Obliterate sword will only deal a level 1 amount of knockback. To successfully capture the KOTH you must stay in the red outline for an entire 15 minutes. The current player capping the KOTH is indicated on your scoreboard on the right as well as any changes to the current player capping will be notified in chat. ​

KOTHs are pre-scheduled and will run at the following times

Monday: 4pm CST // 10pm BST // 7am AET
Tuesday: 4pm CST // 10pm BST // 7am AET
Wednesday: 4pm CST // 10pm BST // 7am AET
Thursday: 3pm CST // 9pm BST // 6am AET
Friday: 5pm CST // 11pm BST // 8am AET
Saturday: 7am CST // 1pm BST // 10pm AET
Sunday: 10am CST // 4pm BST // 1am AET​


KOTH is a highly contested and competitive PvP event so its rewards are reflective of that! On successful capture of the KOTH, the capping player will receive a KOTH lootbag that is packed with amazing loot and unique items! You are guaranteed to receive Cosmic Energy, Forge Fuel and an Item Lore Crystal.

KOTH and Commands

KOTH has 2 new specific commands /koth and /koth loot /koth will show the KOTH’s current status, player count, runtime, current capturer and countdown /koth loot shows a random pull of loot the KOTH lootbag

Trinkets in KOTH

After continued community feedback and discussion we have decided to make trinkets a once per KOTH use. If a player uses a trinket in the KOTH world that trinket will not be able to be used again until the player leaves the KOTH or dies.

Frequently Asked Questions about KOTH

How do I get to KOTH?

When the KOTH becomes active, shown by notifications in chat you will gain access to the /warp KOTH and /koth warp commands​

Do I lose my gear if I die at KOTH?

No, KOTH is a keep inventory world. Whatever you take into the KOTH world is protected! ​

Can you go to KOTH when it’s not active?

No, if the KOTH is not active the warp is disabled. ​

Can you kill the player that receives the lootbag?

Yes, they will emit colored fireworks upon receiving the lootbag for 20 seconds upon capturing​

What if my inventory is full when I cap the KOTH?

The lootbag will drop on the ground, so make sure to free up some room​

When someone is knocked off the capture point, who becomes the next capturer?

The KOTH plugin will select the player closest to the central point of the cap. If multiple players are in the middle it will select one at random. ​

Does KOTH run on all planets at the same time?

Yes. To stop one gang from dominating the entire universe! ​

KOTHs too hard and how can we win when big gangs are dominating?

Squad up, make friends, make allies, plan, schedule it and give them a run for their money! ​

I think KOTH should be changed, where do I post on the forums?

If you have any comments/suggestions about KOTH be sure to post them on the suggestion’s sections on forums. ​