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Owners: PrestonPlayz & MrWoofless
Game: Minecraft
Opening Date: October 23rd, 2016
Server IP:


Cosmic Prisons is a Minecraft Prisons server created by MrWoofless and PrestonPlayz, the server opened in 2016, and features the most dynamic and unique prisons experience available today! Home to mutiple planets each with individual cultures, economies, communities, and much more. Cosmic Prisons offers a place for everyone.

Some of the server features include:

  • Custom Enchants
  • Tiered mines with respawning ores
  • Minable Meteorites and Meteors
  • Enabled PvP on the whole map (excluding spawn)
  • Guards that protect you from attackers
  • Cells with custom defence / raiding system
  • Outposts

and more...

News and updates about the server are regularly posted on the Cosmic Prisons Website Server Announcements.

To contribute to the Cosmic Prisons Wiki please register, from there you can create a page and it will be approved by the moderators shortly.

Kits, Ranks, and PvP
Enchanting, Leveling, and Mining
Gangs, Cells, and Raiding
In Game Mechanics

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