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<div style="float: right; margin: 1em;"> <table border=1><tr><td> [[File:abc.png]]<br> <b>Owners:</b> [ PrestonPlayz] & [ MrWoofless]<br> <b>Game:</b> Minecraft<br> <b>Opening Date:</b> <i>October 23rd, 2016</i><br> </td></tr></table> </div> [[File:abcd.png]]<br> '''Cosmic Prisons''' is a Minecraft Prisons server created by [ MrWoofless] and [ PrestonPlayz], the server opened in 2016, and features the most dynamic and unique prisons experience available today! Home to 5 planets each with individual cultures, economies, communities, and much more, Cosmic Prisons offers a place for everyone. News and updates about the server are regularly posted on the Cosmic Prisons Website [ Server Announcements]. To contribute to the CosmicPvP Wiki please register, from there you can create a page and it will be approved by the moderators shortly. == External Links == [ Official Cosmic Prisons Website] [ Official Cosmic Store Server Store] [ Official CosmicClient Website] [ Official Cosmic Prisons Ban Panel] [ Official Cosmic Prisons Rules] [ Official Cosmic Prisons Permited Blacklisted Modifications]