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Meteors are the main special event in the server. These meteor’s spawn ores which can be mined by a person at any level and contain extra ore’s, shards, contrabands, and add 20-30 seconds onto your current momentum per block. The meteors contain any rarity of shards and contrabands tiered to the ore you receive it from. Also, they can crash anywhere around the map.

The meteors normally occur every 30 mins to 1 hour. You can see the last time a meteor was sighted at spawn at the drop-down point. If you are also Top Rank (Rank V) you will have access to the command /meteortimer which shows the time it was last sighted as you would see at spawn. You will see when it was last sighted in the chat box.

Meteors will create announcements in chat. There will be 3 announcements over a period of time when it is falling. This will show the direction it is in and how close it is to crash. For example, if the 3rd announcement goes off it is very close to crashing while the 1st announcement means it's quite far away from crashing. There will be a 4th announcement telling you that the meteor has crashed meaning you don't have long to find it. Around 5 minutes after it has crashed it will start to dissipate and disappear so you want to mine it fast!