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The Quest Master

The Quest Master is an NPC at spawn where you can see how many quests you have done or which quests you need to do. The Quest Master has a set amount of quests through the week for you to do if you want to keep yourself busy.

The quests you can find can be very simple or very hard quests. There a more simple quests than hard quests. However, because of your hard work, if you take the harder quests, you will be awarded more cosmic tokens. Cosmic tokens are a currency which can be used to buy rare items or upgrades on the server. For example, you could buy the rare cool items from the Mystery Man or help your gang out with a gang upgrade.

In your quest master, there will be a varying amount of quests, and from each week you may see you have more quests. This is because as you level up, more quest slots are unlocked meaning when your quests reset at Friday 6 pm CST you may find yourself with more quests for you to do. This allows you to get yourself more cosmic tokens for those goodies!

If you are lucky enough you will have Qkit quests as well. You will have more of a chance to get cosmic tokens as it unlocks more quests weekly for you. You can see your progress through your quests at the Quest Master. You can also check this through running the command /quests

The Mystery Man

The Mystery Man is a mysterious man lurking between the shadows on the planets in the cosmic universe. No one knows where he has come from or what he is here for but he craves cosmic tokens and he will sell you very rare items to acquire many of these tokens.

The Mystery Man will only be at spawn selling items at Friday 6 pm CST - Saturday 6 pm CST. After this, he slips away for another week again, with nobody knowing where he has gone. The Mystery Man is a dark figure which will appear at spawn but in different locations throughout the different planets. However, he will remain in the same place that he had been seen the week before on that planet.

The Mystery Man sells very rare items which are normally very hard to obtain. For example, satchels and contrabands are able to be bought here. These, however, only cost a low amount of cosmic tokens on average. There is also special enchants that can only be found ONLY in the Mystery Man. These are normally very costly but are very good and it may take your set, pick or whatever it may be to the next level.

The more quests you do, the more of the special slots will be unlocked in the mystery man. These slots will allow you to buy items for a reduced amount of cosmic tokens than there original price. This is very much the same as the Qkit slots which you can unlock in the Mystery Man if you do the quests. This may reduce some items enough so you can get your hands on them.

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