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The Craftsman

The Craftsman is the NPC which will sell you all of you different colors of glass and stained clay. These are good for a nice new look inside of your cell.

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is the NPC where you can purchase your wood, stone and gold pickaxes, alongside all tiers of armor/weaponry and bows.

The Carpenter

The Carpenter is vital for creating your cell, as you can purchase Cell Guards and Doors for your cell from him, alongside lighting related and wooden decoration blocks.

The Ore Generators NPC

The Ore Generators NPC is where you can go to purchase Ore Generators, Crude Ores, Energy Forges, and Gen Breakers. This NPC also has a little deal with Slayer so you can run the command /gens to get his shop up anywhere you want.

The Chef

Some prisoners have been working hard to provide you some food and the chef is here to provide you with some good protein while you are working hard mining.

The Black Market

This is where you can sell your items gathered along your adventures. The Wardens can't see your items in here so it is a quick way to sell your items to fellow prisoners to make some easy money. You can also run the command /ah.

The Quest Master

This NPC is a very strange guy. If you complete quests for him he will reward you with some cosmic tokens which can be used for gang upgrades and to buy rare items off his friend the Mystery Man.

The Ore Exchanger

This is where you can sell your ores from mining so you can afford your lunch for the next day or if you are making a lot of profit maybe some nice items.

The Cells NPC

This guy is the person you go to when you need a cell or if you need to get to your cell fast. He sells them for a high price and makes you pay lots of rent but over time it will pay off big time. You can also run the command /cells.

The Greensman

This jolly guy will sell you all your green needs to start your garden in your cell. He also sells heads of mobs which got as presents for making amazing gardens. If you want to make an afk pool he has the water which you will need.

The Mason

He has the stone and building blocks for you that you may need for your cell. He has the base building blocks including bricks and stairs and also has some pressure plates if you want your doors to open without you needing to do anything.

The Prospector

He has everything you need that you can find out in the wild while mining. He also has blocks of purely refined ores like diamond and emerald. So if you want to look rich, this is the NPC you want to see.

The Weaver

He spends most of his day with his wool. He really likes his wool but often he makes to much so he sells it here. His wool comes in all different colors.

The Tinkerer

The Tinkerer will give you a good amount of cosmic energy to enchant other gear for any gear you don't want. He also will take your enchant orbs off your hands for mystery dust which has a chance of giving you some dust so you can have higher percentages while enchanting. He made a deal with Slayer too. Rank 2+ can use /tinkerer to access his gui.

The Master Miner

This NPC will sell you some very expensive items for your cell which includes movable heads of all the NPC’s you see at spawn. Excluding the Prestige Master, Mystery Man, Energy Engineer, Quest Master and Warden.

The Energy Engineer

When one of your items is full of cosmic energy this is the NPC you go to see. He will enchant your item giving you a chance to get an enchant on your item.

The Prestige Master

If your pick is a high level the Prestige Master can help you out. He will trade you an extra bonus on your pick but you have to start enchanting your pick from level 1 again.

The Mystery Man

The Mystery Man is a mysterious man lurking between the shadows on the planets in the cosmic universe. No one knows where he has come from or what he is here for but he craves cosmic tokens and he will sell you very rare items to acquire many of these tokens.

The Outpost Exchanger

If you are lucky enough to hold an outpost this NPC will be in it. You can sell him your ores for a higher amount of money than the ore exchanger.

The Cell Guards

These are the guards that protect your cell from people trying to raid it. So try to be nice to them.

The Lootbox Merchant

The Lootbox Merchant is where you can go to find the most recent and exclusive lootbox.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist allows you to combine 2 charge orbs into 1 higher percentage charge orb with the cost of cosmic energy.

The Bank Block Manager

This NPC is here for you to invest your hard earned cash on Cosmic Prisons.

The Player Prestige

This NPC is where you will go to view the perks of prestiging, as well as when you need to prestige, you will go to him to do so.

Mr. Government

Mr. Government is a mysterious man from the Cosmic Prisons Government who will only speak to high leveled players.


The Enchanter NPC is where you will go in order to purchase armor / weaponry enchantment books.