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Intended to supply guards with supplies, Cosmic supply ships have been hijacked by the Cosmic prisoners! These ships stock only the best of the best but will not be uncontested! Gather your gang members and dominate the outpost to reap the rewards!

An outpost is a capturable area which is open 24/7. Capturing an outpost will reward the controlling gang with varrying buffs as long as the keep holding control of this point.

How do I capture an Outpost?

To capture an outpost you and your gang must stand within the cap point. If another gang currently owns the outpost you and any other player on the server can help to take the outpost off of them! But be warned! When the cap reaches 0 only you and fellow gang members can work together to capture the outpost for your gang!

If a member of another gang (This includes allies!) steps onto the cap point then the cap point will become contested and this will block any further progress until they are no longer on the cap point!

Once you capture an outpost you and any gang members at the outpost will be automatically teleported to the defender spawn point giving you access to outposts exchanger as well as a few private mining spots! Other players in the area will be teleported to the attackers spawn.

Important things to remember!

A gang may only control one outpost at a time and you may only keep the buffs from the outpost for as long as your gang controls that outpost You will not be able to use /jet while at the outposts! If an attacker attempts to gain access to the defender spawn point they will face the following while there Inability to attack the defenders Receive the mass amount of damage usually resulting in death ​

Outpost Buffs

Trainee Outpost (Limited to leather armor and wooden weapons)

  • 25% Cosmic energy buff
  • 5% Sell price buff
  • 30% Generator speed buff

Hero Outpost (Limited to iron armor and iron swords or below)

  • 35% Cosmic energy buff
  • 10% Sell price
  • 50% Guard tax reduction
  • /home cooldown removed
  • 50% Meteor and meteorite XP buff

Cosmonaut Outpost (Limited to diamond armor and diamond swords or below)

  • 50% Cosmic energy buff
  • 15% Sell price buff
  • 10% Success rate buff when enchanting
  • 10% Tinkerer energy buff
  • 10% XP buff