Pickaxe Prestiging

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Prestiging Pickaxes

Pickaxe Prestiging

When you prestige a pick you will be given a menu with all the possible upgrades you can choose from. When you prestige the pickaxe you lose all enchants and its level will be reset to 1. Everything else on the pick will stay, so White Scrolls, custom names, charge orb % and Charge Orb Slots. When prestiging a pickaxe you are able to select its perk from the 10 options listed below:​

Energy Mastery
  • Unlock an extra 2 - 6 Charge Orb Slots on your pickaxe
XP Mastery
  • Unlock a permanent XP buff +7% - 20% (Requires Prestige IV)
  • Gain 17% - 50% more ores
  • +10% - 30% Mining Speed
Shard Mastery
  • Gain Shards 0.8x - 2.5x faster
Meteorite Mastery
  • +7% - 20% Extra ores from meteorites
Clue Scroll Mastery
  • +4% - 10% CHance at finding clue scrolls
  • (0.4% - 1%) Chance to gain extra XP (10x) in a bottle (Requires Prestige IX)
Ore Extractor
  • Chance to gain an Ore Gen of the current tier (0.004% - 0.010 per block mined)
Forge Master
  • +10% - 30% Increased Chance to get Forge Fuel while mining (Requires Level 101+)

Each upgrade can only be chosen multiple times until it is maxed out (You only get 10 prestiges, so choose wisely!)

Prestiging Requirements

Before being able to prestige your pickaxe, you will need to make sure your pickaxe meets these requirements, which are also listed to you if you open the Pickaxe Prestiging NPC at spawn with your pickaxe

Pickaxe Tier Required Pickaxe Level Required Blocks Mined
Wooden Pickaxe Level 20
7,500 Iron Ore
Stone Pickaxe Level 25
8,000 Lapis Ore
Gold Pickaxe Level 30
9,000 Redstone Ore
Iron Pickaxe Level 35
10,000 Gold Ore
Diamond Pickaxe Level 40
10,000 Diamond Ore

Pickaxe Prestige Tokens

Prestige Tokens

Pickaxe prestige tokens can be obtained through Lootboxes and CC's, otherwise you can purchase them from players on the Auction House. A Pickaxe Prestige Token allows for you to prestige your pickaxe once without leveling the pickaxe up to its required level or mining the amount of ores required to prestige the pickaxe without the token.

For Player Prestiging see Leveling