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Player Attributes

Player Attributes are perks that players can gain whilst leveling up. One is randomly unlocked for every 10 levels up until prestige 1 and an Attribute Token is given to the player every time they prestige allowing them to select the attribute they want. At the end of a map if a player has prestiged they will receive Attribute Tokens equal to the prestige they were at before it reset at the start of the next map. For example, if a player reaches Prestige 3 on Map #2 they will start Map #3 with 3 attribute tokens.

Attribute List

Here is a list of all the current attributes with a brief description:

  • Luck: Makes you lucky
  • Ore Duplication: 2% Chance to receive double ores
  • King of the Hill: 25% Chance for 1 Extra KOTH life
  • Tinkermaster: +25% Energy Boost from the tinkerer
  • Kill all Aliens: +20% Resistance and Damage to Aliens
  • Hardened Killer: +30% additional ores from The Pit Meteorites
  • Outpost Master: +200% Outpost Cap Speed
  • Coin Flip God: +1% /cf win chance
  • Meteorite Mastery: +5% XP from mining Ore Meteorites
  • Ultra Instinct: 1% Passive Dodge Chance
  • Cry of the Viking: +10% damage while under 33% Health
  • Hermit Crab: +3% Mining Speed in the Cell World
  • Energy Mastery: -10% Energy Enchant Usage Cost
  • Satchel Salesman: +5% more money selling ores from Satchels
  • Black Belt: +5% damage to all non player enemies
  • Treasure Goblin: 1% Chance for Shards to convert to Contrabands whilst mining
  • Surgical Extraction: 10% chance for /extract to not charge a fee
  • Master Merchant: 5% Chance for /sell all to give double money
  • Vampire: Passive 1% Lifesteal
  • Holy Grail: Chance to find a Satchel whilst mining
  • Master Mind: +5% Success on Enchantment Books you open
  • New Identity: 15 Minutes to lose your villain status
  • Treasure Hunter: +10% chance to discover a Clue Scroll
  • Marauder: +10% resistance and damage to Bandits
  • Shoplifter: +10% resistance and damage to Merchants and Merchant Guards
  • Trinket Mastery: 10% chance for Trinket Energy Cost to be free
  • Meticulous: 10% chance to receive 1 extra item when opening a contraband

Skill Set Recommendations

Along with the attributes, you have your own skill set. So, keeping that in mind, here are the recommendations to boost your skill set:

PVP Skills

  • King of the Hill: If you are good at PVP, you need to do koth with this attribute.
  • Kill all Aliens: With aliens, they can be hard for even an experienced PVPer. So use this attribute.
  • Hardened Killer: Even though this is not a PVP buff, you need to be able to PVP to do this. So, worth the boost for the effort.
  • Ultra Instinct: This is a recommendation for all people, not just PVPers. This will help you survive if you get in a sticky situation.
  • Cry of the Viking: If you are PVPing and get outnumbered, this should help level the playing field.
  • Black Belt: Useful for bandits, merchants, aliens, and guards if you miscalculated your set a bit.
  • Vampire: Passive Will be useful especially when you forgot how underpowered your set is compared to this specific person/NPC
  • New Identity: Were just PVPing and want to go back to guards? use this to do so faster.
  • Marauder: For those PVP GOD bandit hunters who want to be spoiled.
  • Shoplifter: The guards are tough even for a REALLY good set. Use this to spend 4 min, not 5(example btw)
  • Trinket Mastery: Trinkets really making you feel spoiled at PVP? Well then become even more spoiled!
  • Luck: The exact luck is unknown, so it goes under everything.
  • Meteorite Mastery: Of course meteorites can spawn anywhere, so this is Grinding related as well.

Grinding Skills

  • Luck: what exact luck it is, is unknown, so it goes under everything.
  • Ore Duplication: Grinders want to spend less time for more money? Here you go!
  • Tinkermaster: AWWW MAN, THIS IS GARBAGE! Well, not as much anymore for you LOL!
  • Meteorite Mastery: Of course meteorites can spawn anywhere, so this is PVP related as well.
  • Hermit Crab: If you are a grinder, you probably have a cell. This is for your hermit hole.
  • Energy Mastery: MAN! This satchel is EXPENSIVE to level up. Lemme just get this real quick LOL!
  • Satchel Salesman: OF COURSE you have a satchel, your a grinder!
  • Treasure Goblin: That tiny little thing rewards you greatly later on.
  • Surgical Extraction: Again with the less time to get more!
  • Master Merchant: OMG is this a joke ^!
  • Holy Grail: MAN my blocks mined are soo high! i wish i had this LOL!
  • Master Mind: This will help you grind more efficiently!
  • Treasure Hunter: ^3
  • Meticulous: ^ LOOL!