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==Pet Lover Mask==
:2x Pet XP
[[image:pet.png]]  [[image:pet2.png]]
==Clue Master Mask==
:25% chance to auto-complete clue steps
[[image:clue.png]]  [[image:clue2.png]]
==Santa Mask==
==Santa Mask==
:2x Energy in the Executive Mine
:2x Energy in the Executive Mine

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Player Masks

Player masks can be applied to any helmet and gives the user passive effects as well as a visual override.

Here's the lowdown on Player Masks:
Left-Click a mask on a helmet to equip it
Right-Click a mask when on a helmet to remove it
You can only attach a mask to a helmet when in a safe zone
Masks will only work when attached to a helmet
Players can view all masks that are available through /masks


Available Masks

Pet Lover Mask

2x Pet XP

Pet.png Pet2.png

Clue Master Mask

25% chance to auto-complete clue steps

Clue.png Clue2.png

Santa Mask

2x Energy in the Executive Mine
2x Ores in the Executive Mine
1.5x Ores from Meteorites

SantaMask.png SantaMask1.png

Turkey Mask

100% saturation from food
Passive Famine 3

Turkeymask.jpg Turkeymask1.png

Pilgrim Mask

+50% Shard drop chance

Pilgrimmask.jpg Pilgrimmask1.png

Prisoner Mask

+5% Damage

PrisonerMask.png PrisonerMask1.png

Guard Mask

+10% XP
+10% Sell Prices

GuardMask.png GuardMask2.png