Player Vaults

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Player Vaults

Pv's allow players to store their items in a Gui accessable in Safzones.

General Info

Pv space varies depending on server rank.

  • Rank 1 (0.5 PV's)
  • Rank 2 (1 PV's)
  • Rank 3 (1.5 PV's)
  • Rank 4 (2 PV's)
  • Rank 5 (2.5 PV's)

The /pv GUI can be fully custom to your liking! While having the /pv GUI open you can use your MMB (Middle-Mouse-Buttom) to rename that Player Vault. You can also Right-Click the set that Player Vaults icon. Right clicking will open another GUI which contains various items for you to choose from!


  • /Pv (Number)