Player Vaults

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Player Vaults

Pv's allow players to store their items in a Gui accessable in Safzones.

General Info

Pv space varies depending on server rank.

  • Rank 1 (0.5 PV's)
  • Rank 2 (1 PV's)
  • Rank 3 (1.5 PV's)
  • Rank 4 (2 PV's)
  • Rank 5 (2.5 PV's)
  • Rank 5+ (3.5 PV's)

The /pv GUI can be fully custom to your liking! While having the /pv GUI open you can use your MMB (Middle-Mouse-Buttom) to rename that Player Vault. You can also Right-Click the set that Player Vaults icon. Right clicking will open another GUI which contains various items for you to choose from! Player can also get + PV Rows from Contrabands, Cosmic Crates, and buy them on /ah(Auction House), once you get a + PV Row you right click it and depending on what + it is Ex: +1, +2, etc it adds that many rows to your Player Vault, if your Vault is full it will add another vault. The max amount of Player Vaults one single player can have is up to 6 double chests full of Player Vaults.


  • /Pv (Number)