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For Player Prestiging see Leveling

Prestiging Pickaxes

When you prestige a pick you will be given a menu with all the possible upgrades you can choose from. When you prestige the pickaxe you lose all enchants and its level will be reset to 1. Everything else on the pick will stay, so White Scrolls, custom names, charge orb % and Charge Orb Slots. When prestiging a pickaxe you are able to select its perk from the 5 options listed below:​


Energy Mastery
  • Unlock an extra 5 Charge Orb Slots on your pickaxe
  • XP Mastery
  • Unlock a permanent XP buff +15%
  • Hoarder
  • Gain 40% more ores
  • Grinder
  • +25% Mining Speed
  • Shard Mastery
  • Gain Shards twice as fast

Each upgrade can only be chosen once (XP Mastery requires all other upgrades before it can be chosen!)
Each tier of pickaxe has a different level at which it becomes Prestigable at:
  • Wood Pick: 20
  • Stone Pick: 25
  • Gold Pick: 30
  • Iron Pick: 35
  • Diamond Pick: 40​