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When you first unlock a Qkit it will start at level 1! Level 1 will give you 3 quests to complete and upon completion of all 3 quests, you will have a chance to level up your Qkit! Each level will give you an extra quest to complete meaning at the max level (10) you will have 12 quests!

Each week the mystery man will arrive and holding a qkit will give you more items to receive from him. You access your extra rewards through the the /qkit gui. The higher level your qkit is the more rewards you can purchase from the Mystery Man!

Everytime you level up your qkit you will receive an extra quest, you then have to repeat and complete the next random themed quests you are given in order to get a chance to level up your qkit!

Qkits are obtainable from certain Cosmic Crates, certain Lootboxes, and High tier Contrabands. They are not available on the server store.

What qkits are there available?

  • Christmas
  • Valentine
  • Summer
  • 2020