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Cell Guard and Raiding

Completely revamped, Cell Guards have had a once over resulting in new Attributes, Raids and more! No longer tiered like gear all Cell Guards are created equal until placed in a cell. The tier of the cell and the attributes a player chooses for their guard will all play a vital role in protecting the cell and those precious ore generators!​

Limitations on Gear

With a brand new build and a new way to access your cell players will note some changes regarding limitations on gear per Security Wing!

  • Low Security (Tier 4) - Leather Gear & Stone Weaponry
  • Medium Security (Tier 3) - Gold Gear & Gold Weaponry
  • High Security (Tier 2) - Iron Gear & Iron Weaponry
  • Maximum Security (Tier 1) - Diamond Gear & Diamond Weaponry
  • VIP - Diamond Gear & Diamond Weaponry​


Consider yourself forewarned, things are getting changed up! With Cell Guards operating within a range rather than being activated by any attempt on a cell entirely, players will find that anything outside of their Cell Guards’ ranges completely raidable. When a Cell Guard is killed it will lose ⅓ of ALL of its attributes and will have a chance to drop some of the energy used to level it up. The amount of energy dropped with be random and could be as little as nothing or as much as 50%!

Enter the era of “mini raids”, targeted, strategic attacks on very specific and hyper-focused goods and areas within a cell.​


Players will be unable to use the Cell Warp to access if the gear they are wearing is above the levels listed as well they will be unable to swap their gear out, nor apply gear, that is above the Tier Limitation Players will be unable to use weapons that are above the Tier Limitation. ZERO DAMAGE will be caused by any weapon above the tier’s limitation.