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White Scrolls

White scrolls can be applied by dragging and dropping the scroll onto a satchel or pickaxe causing the item to not drop upon death. Although, when you do die, your item drops all of the energy that was on it and the white scroll is consumed. White scrolls will also stay on the satchel or pickaxe after enchanting and will not be consumed unless you die with that item in your inventory. You can obtain White Scrolls in Cosmic Crates, Contrabands, and shards.

Black Scrolls


Black scrolls can be applied to any item that has enchants on it. Simply drag and drop the scroll onto the item you would like it to be applied to. When applied it will take a random enchant off of the item you applied it too and will give the enchant in the form of an enchantment orb. The enchant given will be the equivalent to the percentage on the black scroll. Using the scroll will leave the item that you applied it to with the same level but it will be given fails to replace the levels of the enchants taken off of the item. To learn how to use these enchants reference this page (link). You can obtain Black Scrolls in Cosmic Crates, Contrabands, and shards. Black scrolls range in percent from 10% to 100%. They also give a destruction rate of the difference between what the success rate is. For example, a 70% success rate black scroll will have a 30% destruction rate.

Randomization Scrolls


Enchantment randomization scrolls are used to randomize the success and fail rate of an enchantment orb. They have different tiers of enchantment randomization scrolls that coordinate with the tier of enchant that you are trying to randomize. Each tier will only apply to that tier of enchant. For example, a Simple Randomization scroll would go to the only simple enchants. The only one that works on all enchants is the Godly Randomization scrolls, which works on all enchants.

Clue Scrolls

Clue scrolls are discovered when mining. The scrolls are tiered to the level of ore it was discovered from; Simple from coal and iron, Uncommon from lapis, Elite from redstone, Ultimate from gold, Legendary from diamond, and Godly from emerald. A prompt will pop up on your screen notifying you when you have discovered a clue scroll, each time you complete a step of the clue scroll, and once the scroll is completed. The number of steps for each scroll you discover will be random and upon completion you will receive a Clue Scroll Casket containing anything from tiered XP to Shards, Contrabands, and money notes.