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Seasonal Events

Over the years, Cosmic Prisons has held various Seasonal Events for various holidays.

Christmas 2019

Yeti Invasion

The Yeti's have invaded the Executive mine, creating their Yeti den nearby the Executive Wormhole, killing these Yeti's will gaurentee some OP loot for the prisoners who manage to pull off such a task, with a chance at pulling the Death Knight Skull Blade!


Christmas Events

Christmas Crackers

These crackers can be obtained from Mining and from other Christmas events!

To open, right click the cracker on another player, and both players will receive 3 items, from ores all the way to a Top Rank!
You can toggle other players opening crackers on you in /settings


Christmas Presents

Presents spawn in the war zone every 2 hours, breaking them will give you Christmas themed loot, their coordinates will be displayed in chat when they land.


Jolly Guards

Christmas Presents are falling in the PvP Pit! They take 100 hits to break and a Pit guard will transform into a Jolly Guard to protect the present! Breaking the present will give the player some OP Christmas themed loot!

Halloween 2019

Pumpkins in the PvP Pit!

Pumpkins are falling in the PvP Pit! Breaking them will give you some Halloween Goodies! They will take 100 hits to break and Spooky Guards will protect the chests at all costs!


Halloween Candy

Obtained from mining - Aswell as mining with the new Ghost armor set, These candies have the chance to give the player some OP loot!


Emote: Poltergeist

This new emote will put your head in a whirl!


Halloween Maze!
The Spookiest time of the year calls for the Spookiest Maze of the year! This year including
Three Floors
Parkour Zones
An Abundance of LOOT
A Maze on every Prison!

Easter 2019

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are obtained from mining! Find one of these and be rewarded with some OP loot!


Valentines Day 2019

Secret Admirer

A special someone on the server is your secret admirer! A global chat message will appear every 15 mins where the cosmic fates will announce who each other's special someone should be!


Christmas 2018

Jolly Gaurds

Christmas Presents are falling in the Pit! They have 100 health and Jolly guards will do their best to protect the Presents! Breaking the Presents will give the player some OP loot!

Christmas Parties

Christmas Presents are also falling in the Warzone! They spawn every 2 hours and display their coords in chat when they have landed, break them for some OP loot!


Holiday Parkour

Hosted by Trembo, These Parkour events will take place on each planet and will have some OP loot!

Double XP

From December 24'th to December 26'th, There will be a server wide Double XP event! Yes, it stacks with XP boosters.

Halloween 2018

PvP Pit Pumpkins

Pumpkins are falling in the PvP Pit! Breaking them will give you some Halloween Goodies! They will take 100 hits to break and Spooky Guards will protect the chests at all costs!

Pumpkin Harvest

This event spawns 2-5 pumpkins full of loot in the warzone, The coordinates to the pumpkins are given 1min before they reach the ground and they have 100 health!

Pumpkin Blocks

Pumpkin Blocks are rare blocks that spawn whilst mining. The pumpkin will give you Halloween Candy and an energy bonus! What a delicious Halloween Treat!​

2 Year Anniversary

OG Spawn

For a limited time, revisit old memories in the old spawn, located at /warp OG!

2.5x XP Event

The First ever 2.5x XP event for a whole 24 hours!

Halloween 2017

Pumpkin Meteorites

All meteorites have been re-skinned to look like pumpkins!

Halloween Maze

The First global event, This Halloween maze is filled to the brim with Halloween goodies. In this maze you can find:

Two Floors
3 parkours
Over 20 lootable chests
PvP areas

1 Year Anniversary

For the 1 year Anniversary, to celebrate there will be 2x Cosmic Energy for the next 24 hours!