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Specialty Armor Sets

Specialty Armor Sets are custom sets that give the wearer special buffs when wearing all four pieces of the special armor sets. Specialty armor sets can come in range from Chain mail armor up to Diamond armor. The Cosmic Client displays the armor with a special glow when equipped on a player.

Specialty Sets

Yeti Set

Released on: December 20, 2019

Set bonus:

Passive Thunder Blood
Passive Yeti Summoning
Passive Yeti's Wrath
+8 HP


Santa Set

Released on: December 20, 2019

Set bonus:

+20% XP Gain
+10% Energy Gain
Passive Good Luck
Passive Ore Magnet VI


Obsidian Set

Released on: November 28, 2019

Set bonus:

Passive Fire Resistance
+10% Outgoing Damage
-10% Incoming Damage
+25% Durability
+15% More XP from Clue Caskets



Released on: November 1, 2019

Set bonus:

+50% Outgoing PVE Damage
Passive "Powerball Party" Ability
Passively shoot out powerballs while mining that will mine enriched ore
Passive "Epic Momentum" Ability
Passive 1.5x speed to momentum
+100% Warp Miner Daily Limits


Ghost Set

Released on: October 25, 2019

Set bonus:

Gears 4
Hidden from /near
Passive "Trick or Treat" ability
Allows the wearer to obtain Halloween Candy from mining at any time
Passive 10% Dodge


Gaurdian Set

Released on: October 19, 2019

Set bonus:

-15% Incoming damage
Passive Enlighted 4


Warlord Set

Released: October 19, 2019

Set bonus:

+15% outgoing damage
Passive Pummel 3

Warlord1.gif Warlord2.gif