Tiered Zones

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Tiered Zones

The overworld is now split up into tiered zones! These zones will limit the tier of gear and enchants you can use in certain parts of the world. The zones will work similar to how Outposts work except you will not be blocked from entering a zone that has a lower limitation on gear and enchants than what you are currently using. The only difference will be is that your gear and enchants will be limited to that of the zone you are in!
Here are the tiers and the limitations in them:

Leather Zone

Leather Armor & Stone Weaponry
Armor Enchants are restricted to level 11
Weapon Enchants are restricted to level 16

Gold Zone

Gold Armor & Gold Weaponry
Armor Enchants are restricted to level 21
Weapon Enchants are restricted to level 21

Iron Zone

Iron Armor & Iron Weaponry
Armor Enchants are restricted to level 31
Weapon Enchants are restricted to level 31

Diamond Zone

Diamond Armor & Diamond Weaponry
Armor Enchants restricted to Level 41
Weapon Enchants restricted to Level 41​

Enchant Limitations

How do I know what enchants will work on my gear?

For an example, if you were wearing a Diamond chestplate and using an Iron sword then walked into the Leather Tiered zone your armor and weapons would still work but they will only be effective as Leather armor/weapons. If you had more enchants on your armor/weapons that what is allowed in that zone then only your highest tiered enchants up to the limit for that area would work.
Let’s take this armor piece here for an example


When you walk into a new zone, you will be greeted with a chat message that will show you all your armor and weaponry that is affected by the zone change!


The server will always take the highest tier enchants into consideration first and the enchants are taken from the top of your armor/weapon piece downwards :(Note that enchants are now organized on your gear by rarity and alphabetically not in the order of which you place them on your gear).
Displaying the zone boundaries
We understand how bad it would be if you ended up strolling into another tiers zone without noticing as this could put you at quite a big disadvantage and at risk of losing your coveted god set. We have put a lot of thought into how to make sure you guys know when you are about to enter another tiers zone.
When you walk up to a new zone you will see a floating sword and chest plate in front of you that are not only reflective of the zone you are about to walk into but will also state above them what zone it is! Do not worry these will show up in front of you from roughly a chunk away so you will have plenty of pre-warning to the zone change before you walk into it!