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We are always constantly looking at how to better improve the grind at the start of a new planet. Resets and releases are so important, getting a foothold into the competitive side of Prisons dictates you must do your best to keep up with the rest and oftentimes players will go to extreme lengths for that competitive edge. As well, we recognize that alts are an absolute must, we all need our ore generators pumping away at max capacity allowing us infinite enchantments, gear and cold hard cash! Many players in the community have requested that we revisit alts, account sharing, and look at a means to balance the initial grind, the experience, and the safety of keeping your account secure. After months of brainstorming, we’ve come up with a solution that will help balance the equation. Introducing: Daily Level Caps.

  • Based on the age of the map
  • Increases exponentially as the map ages
  • NOT based on player limitations
  • Allows for balanced grinding while still being able to participate in planet events

Whether you race to reach each level cap daily or you choose to putter around and binge grind later, Daily Level Caps allow players the opportunity to grind, balances the player experience and removes the necessity to share accounts.​

Once you have hit the level cap you can still:

  • Mine
  • Sell Ores
  • Gain Energy
  • Extract EXP (to boost your buddies)

For example: If you join the map on Day 4 and the Daily Level Cap for Day 4 is level 80, then you will be able to grind continuously up to level 80.

If you join the map on Day 1 and the Daily Level Cap for Day 1 is 45 then you can mine to level 45.

The Daily Level Cap increases exponentially as the map ages until Day 18 where you are able to cap out at Level 104. You can confirm what the Daily Level Cap is currently at by running /levelcap. LCap.gif