Master Miner

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Master Miners’ Shop

The Master Miner is an NPC which you can buy special items that requires you to be level 75+. The items in the Master Miners’ Shop cannot be obtained by shards or contrabands and the only other way is if a player sells you one.

In the Master Miners’ Shop, you will find Fountains which can be used in your cell for aesthetic reasons. This grant no extra bonuses but look very cool. The Master Miner also sells the heads of all the NPC’s you see at spawn. These can be placed in your cell and grant the permissions of a moveable Ore Exchanger for example or a tinkerer or any NPC you can think of from spawn.

The only NPC heads which you will not see in the Master Miners’ Shop is the Energy Engineer and the Master Miner himself. You will find the Master Miner in spawn normally by the Prestige Master.