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Meteorites are a good way which you can mine freely in the wild without the Wardens, Hitmen, Enforcers or Guards taxing you for the protection. So if you have a good set and you are a risk taker, this may be a good option for you.

This type of meteorites are the most common and appear as quartz blocks which fall from the sky and carry the energy of any type of ore which you can mine. The normal amount of ore blocks which are contained in the meteorites can vary but most likely they will be around 100 blocks to mine. These type of meteorites are universal which means anyone can mine them and receive their ore type from it.

Note: Meteorite ores are strictly limited to your mining level. You cannot mine Diamond ore from meteorites until you are level 90, meaning you cannot mine the next tier ore until you hit the required mining level for that ore.

Meteorites and Tiered Zones

As you begin to delve deeper into the higher tier zones around the map (i.e diamond zone, iron zone) you will begin to notice that the higher tier zone you are in, the more frequently meteorites will be spawning. This does not affect the ore drop rates, XP rates, or amount of ore on the meteorite, only the spawn rate of the meteorites. You can only find Emerald meteorites in The Pit.

Special Meteorites

XP Meteorites

Every so often a message will show up in chat notifying you that a XP shower has been spotted. The message will tell you the tier of the shower and a rough bearing on the location. Mining these XP meteorites will instantly increase your XP without affecting your XP limit. You have to be in the same mining XP tier as the shower to be able to mine it.

Natural Gkit Meteorites

These are like Gkits which can be bought from the shop but are found out in the wild with no owner to their name. These can contain some very nice loot but you can get only one piece of loot unlike the normal Gkits and if you are extremely lucky you may even find yourself a permanent Gkit beacon. Now that is what you call lucky! Also, normal gkits come down as meteorites as well and work exactly like the natural Gkit but they will give you more loot. So you may be able to steal one from another player.

Contraband Meteorites

Yes, contrabands fall from the sky allowing you to get some really great items. These work like the orb meteorites, however, the ender chests will drop instead of the glass blocks. Above these, you will see what type of contraband it is and upon breaking the contraband it will rise into the air and eject items which spin around the contraband. Whatever items you get will go straight into your inventory. There will be 3 pieces of loot which you get from the contrabands.