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Shards are items you get from mining. The tier of shard you get depends on what ore you’re mining. For example, if you’re mining redstone you will get Elite and Ultimate shards, and the Elite shards will appear more often. Once you open a shard you will be presented with a menu. When you right-click a shard only one will be put in. To put in more click on them or shift-click them to put in multiple. To roll them you can click them one by one or just click the diamond horse armor and it will roll all of them. When you roll a shard it will roll through some items you could have got and stopped on one. To withdraw all shards click the chest. To withdraw rewards you can either click the enderchest or escape out of the menu. The number of shards you get from mining can be increased through the 2x Shard Increase prestige or Shard Discoverer. You can also get shards from the mystery man.


Contrabands are loot chests that give you 3 items from multiple items (You have a chance to get 4 items if you have the Meticulous Attribute). You can get contrabands from meteors, shards or the mystery man, or you can get the items from the contraband instead of the actual item with Falling Contrabands. To open a contraband place it on the ground anywhere. For best results open them in an open space. When you open a contraband about 20 options start flying around the contraband. They will start to be eliminated one by one until there are 3 items left. These items can range from ores to flares or even ranks and qkits. Once you are left with 3 items you will see the items dangle in front of you for 5 seconds and will go into your inventory.